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Rewind Candles

The Barn DecorShelby MillerComment

“Rewind Candles” are one of our newest product lines in our shop. However they are not just any candle the are made of use wine bottles and repurposed into candles with scents mimicking the taste of the wine. Check out the chart below to see the full story on how these candles came to be!

They are available in most all of the popular wines. Another unique aspect of these candles is that each candle is marked when it was made and who made it, also there is a wax button color coded by the type of wine the candle is mimicking. In this case the blue button means it's a riesling. In the image below you can see the full selection. 

We are very excited to have these in our shop and we are thrilled to be apart of the Rewind Family. It's incredible to think that before these bottles were turned in to candles flicking in homes, they were just thrown in the garbage.

Be sure to stop in and see the full collection and get a sample of the smell that could fill your home!