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Hot Skwash Pumpkins

The Barn DecorShelby Miller2 Comments

Hot Skwash by Daria is a company that we have carried in the Village Gift Barn for four years and have always been a favorite with our customers. The collectable tabletop décor is constructed of silk velvet as the body of a pumpkin with all natural stems upcycled into a unique accent for the home. They come in a large variety of colors and shapes and incorporate the finest silks, velvets, custom beading, and jewelry. They truly are timeless masterpieces because not one is alike.

We decided to ask our home décor buyer, Heather a few questions about Hot Skwash pumpkins and how to decorate with them.

Q: Why do customers like Hot Skwash so much?

A: Hot Skwash has become popular because it adds the unexpected in to home décor. Customers have begun collecting them for each season; they add the new colors to their collection.

Q: Do you only display them in the fall?

A: No, people are using them all year long.

Q:How would you decorate with the pumpkins?

A:I would use them as a table scape, mantle scape, or any centerpiece in any room in your home.

Handling the pumpkin is very important, because the stems are all natural and the body of the pumpkin is heavier with an all-natural filler. You are instructed not to pick them up by the stem as you would with a normal pumpkin. Handle the Hot Skwash by cradling the body in the palm of your hand to prevent the stem from detaching from the silk base.

Just in is the new spring/summer color pallet and we were very excited about the new colors and how they coordinate well with each other!

The Hot Skwash design is everlasting and a base for inspiration and creativity. Endless ideas are on the horizon for Hot Skwash by Daria.

Shelby Miller