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The Graphic Tee

Boutique Blog, The Barn BoutiqueShelby MillerComment

Graphic T’s were first introduced in the 1950’s when the Plastisol (the machine that performs screen printing) was created. From the 50’s and until now, graphic t’s have been used to express oneself though art, slogans, and pop-culture. More recently large fashion houses have plastered their names and logos on t’s to give the average person an opportunity to wear their brand to look and feel expensive. The basic t-shirt was the perfect channel for people to express themselves in anyway they felt appropriate.  

Here at the Village Gift Barn we like to express ourselves through fun and happy t-shirts from Natural Life. We have several t’s with enlightening phrases like “I Think I’ll Just Be Happy Today” and “Everyone Smiles in the Same Language.” They are cheerful and uplifting!

The fun thing about these tops is that you can wear them very casual with jeans or dress them up a bit with a skirt, colored pants, or just by adding accessories! The possibilities are endless as to how you can style your graphic tee! The words on the shirt are exciting but the way you style it is half the fun!