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White Before Memorial Day

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We are all told about the rule to only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We abide by it, but we don’t really know why or where it comes from. So I did a little research and found a few different variations as to why it’s a rule but nothing carved in stone.   

In the early 1950’s, more people were entering the middle class than ever before and were unaware of high society standards. To help them fit in, they were given a general set of standards. Wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day was one of them. If someone wore white before or after the designated time, they were looked at as being “poor class” or having “bad manners.” From my research, the standard was rooted from the South. This is certainly a symbol of respect and still today some high-class southern ladies follow this rule to a T! 

I sat down with Tammy Miller, a manager at the Village Gift Barn who grew up in Florida, to ask her about her take on white.

Q: Since you grew up in the south, were you expected to only wear white after Memorial Day?

A: “When I was a teenager in Florida and would wear white I thought to myself, “Should I be wearing this?” I felt like a rule breaker!”

Q: After living in Ohio for nearly 24 years do you still feel hesitant about wearing white before Memorial Day?

A: “No, not anymore. I actually have already worn it a few times. I say if you wear it after February, it’s okay. Just use your own judgment.” 

So the question now is, “Is it okay to wear white before Memorial Day?” I say YES! Fashion standards change all the time, and as long as you don’t go overboard it will all be okay!

Thank you, Tammy, for allowing us to interview you! Now we know the reason for the fable and how to address it! 

Okay, so let’s discuss the outfit!

We dressed Hollie up in an acceptable “before Memorial Day” white outfit and she looks stunning! We started with our new Miracle Body skinnies. They are amazing because they are thick and do not get the opaque look that we see with so many white pants.  We added a bit of color with a flowy floral tank, and since it is a bit chilly outside we had her throw on a cropped denim jacket to pull it all together! Her sandals are to die for! They are available for purchase at our sister store, Moxie! Hollie is also wearing a new jewelry line we recently got at the Barn Boutique. It is called Gleeful Peacockand is all handmade in Oklahoma. The line is inspired by vintage designs with a modern color palette

So there is it ladies and gents, in black and white! You CAN wear white before Memorial Day! So go ahead, break the rules, and be a rebel!