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How To Be A Hat Person

MoxieShelby MillerComment

So often people say “ I am not a hat person” or “I do not look good in hats” however the truth is they just haven’t found a hat that compliments their face shape and coloring best. We have put together a guide on how to choose the perfect hat for your features!

People who look best in floppy hats are those who either have a square or heart face shape. For a person with a square face the floppy brim of the hat softens the angles of the chin to make your face appear more circular. This style of hat is also good for one with a heart shape face because the brim adds width to the jawline, again creating the illusion of having a round face.

Individuals who look best in a fedora are those who have a round or square face shape. Wear the fedora straightforward if you have a round face because it shows the shape very well. As for someone with a square face, wear the fedora at an angle to break the line of symmetry. People who need to avoid the fedora are those who have an oval or heart face shape. Fedoras commonly have a wide brim and when people with an oval or heart face shape wear them it creates more of a contrast from the brim to the chin; ultimately shifting further away from a round face.

People who look best in baseball hats are those who either have an oval face or a round face. The deep crown of a baseball hat is the flattering part for a person with an oval face because it sinks the crown down creating the illusion of a circular face. A round face is also good for a baseball hat because it shows the structure the face.

The last thing to consider when choosing the perfect hat for you is selecting a color that contrasts with your physical features. If you have light skin and light hair choose a darker hat so that it will contrast and show up. On the other hand if you are a person that has a darker completion and has darker hair, a lighter colored hat is best for you!

By using these tips you will surely be able to select the hat perfect for you! Just remember when choosing your hat that not every hat is going to fit, just like not one shoes fits everyone!

Thank you Jane and Tina for modeling a few hats from the selection at Moxie! You ladies are GREAT! :)