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Overall, We Love Overalls

Boutique Blog, The Barn BoutiqueShelby MillerComment

When we told Bianca that we wanted to do a photo shoot with her in bib overalls she thought we were joking! Our boutique ladies picked out the outfit and styled it according to what colors she would look best in!

Bianca is dressed in Free People bib overalls, a plain white tee, paired with a hunter green statement necklace! The overalls are more of a flare/bootcut, which is the current upswing fashion. They are so cute, but even more adorable on our model!

When we arrived outside and she was still a bit skeptical but willing to do it! The camera started snapping and she went to town! The overalls were so much fun and Bianca looked FABUSLOUS in them!

At the end of the shoot her opinion changed and was much more accepting of the outfit; she felt unique and fun while wearing it! It just goes to show that it’s good to have an open mind when trying new things because you never know if you will change your mind!